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Horizon’s commercial window cleaning service covers the whole of Greater London, Kent and Surrey and it includes Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Schools, Care & Nursing Homes, Showrooms and Public buildings.

We are based in Crystal Palace and clean many houses and flats in the local towns of Dulwich, Sydenham, Croydon, Beckenham, Bromley & Forest Hill. Horizon also covers other nearby towns in the South London Boroughs. View Map

As trained and experienced London commercial window cleaners in, Horizon London Window Cleaning fully understands your business requirements. As a commercial window cleaning customer you will especially benefit from the following aspects of our window cleaning service:

At Horizon London Window Cleaning we realise that your work takes priority. Our window cleaners are therefore as unobtrusive as possible – they are discreet and show respect for your privacy at all times. This allows you to continue your business without disturbance. The water-fed pole window cleaning system allows our window cleaners to clean your windows thoroughly without needing to be close to the window. This therefore protects the privacy of your staff/customers and also ensures that they are not distracted or alarmed by our window cleaners.

Horizon London Window cleaners are flexible. We are able to work around your core business hours and clean your windows at a time suitable for you, so that our attendance at your premises does not interrupt your business. The window cleaners can also arrange a cycle of window cleaning at a frequency to suit your needs, or a one-off clean, if this is what you require.

Horizon London Window Cleaning has a keen awareness of health and safety. Our window cleaners adhere to strict safety guidelines to ensure that your staff/customers are not put at risk from our cleaning service. Our window cleaners use the water-fed pole system of window cleaning which is a far safer option of cleaning windows than the traditional ladder and squeegee method, as all window cleaning is safely conducted from the ground.

Horizon London Window Cleaning can provide a superior service at a competitive price. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and tailor a window cleaning service at a price to suit you.