Horizon Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Methods

Traditional and Water-fed Pole Methods

To achieve an outstanding clean, Horizon London Window Cleaning use the traditional and water-fed pole methods (also known as pole window cleaning).

This system employs lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles, each with a monofilament brush head. The poles can reach up to 36ft (3 floors), which allows the window cleaner to work from the safety of the ground and eliminates the use of ladders.

Water is pumped through the pole and continually sprayed onto the window. Meanwhile the water sprayed on the window is lightly brushed with the brush head until the surface is clean.

The secret behind the exceptional clean of the water-fed pole system is the water itself, rather than the hi-tech equipment. We use 100% laboratory graded pure water.

Standard tap water, bottled water and rain water all contain chemicals, minerals, calcium and pollution which leave a white residue if not completely cleaned off of a surface. Our water is subjected to a rigorous filtration process to remove all minerals and impurities. The result is completely pure water which dries to an immaculate finish without leaving behind any marks or deposits. Additionally, pure water does not like being pure and it attempts to return to its original state by absorbing dirt particles, and thereby acting as an environmentally friendly and excellent solvent.

In addition to the water-fed pole system, Horizon London Window Cleaning still offer the traditional window cleaning method of scrims and squeegees where appropriate – e.g. for indoor windows.

We are based in Crystal Palace and clean many houses and flats in the local towns of Dulwich, Sydenham, Croydon, Beckenham, Bromley & Forest Hill. Horizon also covers other nearby towns in the South London Boroughs. View Map