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Do you need a hassle-free and dependable window cleaner in Kensington or the surrounding area? One that you can trust to do a perfect job, every time, without any disruption to your busy lifestyle? Horizon London window cleaning offers all this and more, and at the highest standards in the window cleaning industry.

The top professional window cleaners in Kensington and City of London

We are local to your area, so we fully understand what is important to you when it comes to using our services. We are a highly experienced London window cleaning service who specialise in cleaning all types of properties in Kensington and the surrounding area.

Our team of window cleaners in Kensington and the City of London area are experts at cleaning sash windows, conservatories, interior windows, skylights, Velux windows, and much more. We take pride in our ability to achieve the perfect finish every time and have spent years developing our service, investing in the best equipment, and bringing together our team of top window cleaners in the area. Whether it is difficult to access windows, or interior window cleaning, our team will get the job done right first time, with as little disruption to you as possible, and in a friendly, polite, and professional manner.

You can choose to hire us on a fixed cleaning schedule of every three months or fewer, set up a bespoke timetable for our services, or you can book us on an as-needed basis. Rest assured, we will stick to whatever requirements you arrange with us and will never let you down.

"Really impressed with this clean for some pretty grimy windows. Very prompt and friendly service at a sensible price - highly recommended!"

Emma H

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" Amazing service , very pleased with fine results, definitely will use Horizon London window cleaners service again . Highly recommended"

Levan L

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Superior Kensington Window Cleaning Company

We do offer a traditional London window cleaning service for the lower floors of your home, using soap, squeegee, etc. However, our experience in the business has taught us that houses in this area often have windows that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach using a ladder. This led us to source specialist equipment for our cleaning services, so we can guarantee a perfect clean every time for your house, safely, while also protecting your privacy through upper floor windows. This specialist residential window cleaning equipment is called the ‘reach and wash’ system.

This system maximises the cleaning potential of water in its purest form. Our water is filtered and cleansed to lab-grade purity. With no contaminants, chemicals, or minerals, the water becomes a great solvent to all grease, grime, and dirt. This allows us to clean every window to a crystal-clear finish, with no marks, smears, or streaks when dry, and without the use of chemical agents. This is far more environmentally friendly and causes no harm to shrubs, animals, etc. The purified water is fed through an extendable pole system to a specially designed brush. This means, in most cases, we will be cleaning all your windows, perfectly, without ever needing to climb a ladder. This way, we provide you with privacy on the upper floors while we work.

Another helpful piece of equipment we provide is a portable version of our reach and wash system. This allows us to give a good quality clean to glass where external access is difficult. It has its own water supply, and because it still uses the extendable pole to reach upper windows, there is no mess or risk of damage while your windows are being cleaned, where other window cleaners might need to run hoses or carry ladders through your home.

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